Two Types of SEO | Which Is Best For You?


Two Types of SEO | Which Is Best For You?


White Hat SEO: It refers to the SEO techniques which are in adequacy with the SEO guidelines set by the search engines. It suggests that it uses approved search engine optimization techniques to enhance the ranking of a website on search engine results pages (SERP).


Unlike Black Hat SEO, it in the main focuses on the human audience opposed to a search engine. Those who are probing for a long-run investment on their websites rely on white hat SEO techniques.


Black Hat SEO: It refers to the SEO techniques that don’t seem to be in accordance with the SEO guidelines set by the search engines. These techniques exploit the weaknesses in search engines to urge higher rankings for websites on the search engine results pages (SERP).


It in the main focuses on search engines and not on the human audience. People who area unit searching for a fast financial come back on their website rather than a long term investment use black hat SEO techniques.


White Hat SEO Techniques

  • Good content: A unique well-written content makes your website seem additional trustworthy and valuable to search engines and human visitors. It optimizes your website for search engines that helps you get higher ranking on the search engine listings as search engines provide the foremost appropriate website to the end users for their search.
  • Proper use of title, metatags and keywords: The information contained within the HTML code is known as metadata. It provides crawler the information concerning the site for classification and indexing functions. So, correct title, keyword and metatag ought to be incorporated within the metadata.
  • Site Performance: Site and page performance is another issue considered by search engines to assess the sites. The unavailable websites or the unavailable pages can’t be indexed by crawlers of search engines; per week or even on a daily basis of non-performing site or pages will adversely have an effect on the site traffic. So, ensure your website loads quick and is accessible all the time.
  • Quality inbound links: The site should have quality inbound links as search engines often assess back links for their connection. If a website is found to have irrelevant backlinks it’ll be discounted or penalized by the search engine, e.g. a website concerning farming in india containing a number of links from Europeans websites concerning technology are going to be degraded by the search engines.

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