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Increasing Your Facebook Page Likes

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest and therefore the most popular social networking website within the world. There are unit over a billion active users and could be a nice platform to draw in potential customers. If you’re a blogger or a marketer, you’ll have a Facebook page of your blog, your product or of your service. On this page, you might be posting updates in order to achieve additional followers and find a lot of likes. However if you’re still struggling in obtaining additional Facebook likes then you would like to read this text till the end.

Why do you want to work on getting more likes?

For starters, if you’ve got lots of likes on your Facebook page, you’ll drive an enormous quantity of traffic to your website or to your merchandise. You’ll promote other people’s merchandise to create sales and earn cash with it. But the most effective part is that if your Facebook page has tens of thousands of likes, then people will trust you and feel that the page is representing a complete, which might be really useful within the long run. So let’s see the assorted ways in {which} using which you’ll be able to get additional Facebook likes.

Get Initial Likes from Simple Ways

I would wish to mention a number of the easy ways that you simply can use to get the initial boost on your Facebook page. These ways area unit right ahead of you and other people use them except for some reason, you’re not implementing these ways. Therefore let’s begin with the neglected methods.

1. Set Up Your Facebook Page Timeline

The first issue you would like to do once you’ve got created your Facebook page is to upload a correct profile image and cover image on your page. Then head to the about section of your page and fill up all the details with relevant info in order that people are going to be ready to notice your page simply.

Category: Choose the category that ideal describes your page.

Page Name: Page name is most important part. If you page has less than 200 likes, then you will be able to change the name of your page.

Topics: In this section, add up to 3 words that ideal describes your page. This will help people find out your page without trouble.

Short Description: This can be a very important section. Consider this because the meta description of your Facebook page. Add a brief however relevant description of your page describing all the updates and topics that you simply square measure reaching to post thereon.


Website: Add your website address attached with the page, in you have one.

  1. Invite Your Facebook Friends

The first factor you need to do to achieve likes is to use this feature. you need to invite your friends to like your page by causing them invite messages. You can try this automatically from your Facebook page. Go to your Facebook page and on the left-hand side, below your page’s profile image, you may see a tiny low box. Click on the “Invite Friends to Like This Page” option.

You will see a whole list of all of your friends. On the right side of your friends’ name, there’ll be Associate in Nursing “Invite” button. Click on that to send an invitation. This is an easy technique to achieve the initial likes however you’ll use it at any time to tell your new friends that you simply have Facebook page and you’ll appreciate it if they could like it.

Invite Friends

  1. Ask Friends To Invite Their Facebook Friends:

You can conjointly raise your friends to travel to your page and use the “Invite Friends to like this page” choice to send an invite to their friends list. When they visit your Facebook page, they’ll see the option as well.

  1. Ready up a Posting Schedule and Stick to It
  2. Add Facebook Like Box on your Website
  3. (S4S) Use Share for Share

There is also quite a billion pages on Facebook and it’s extremely possible that you just can find lots of pages sharing constant form of content that you just do. When you reach a point where you don’t know how to extend the Facebook likes, you would like to require the help of your competitors. Find the same pages as yours and message them to understand if they’re interested in sharing your page link on their page. Tell them; in return you’ll do the same. (Share for Share or shout-out-for-shout-out method)

  1. Try to Post at the Ideal time:

When I Mention that try to publish a post at the best time, I mean to say that utilize the time when people are Maximum likely to click on your post. The Ideal time to post an update on Facebook is around noon to 1:00 pm and if you want to receive more clicks, then you should post an update at 3:00 pm.

Likewise, the best days are Thursdays and Fridays for Best engagement and Saturdays for more shares. Combines these timings to create a right posting schedule and stick to it.

Post Expensive Content:

I should not even say this, but still there are people that posts nasty updates on their Facebook pages. You should not post an update just since you haven’t done it in days. If you don’t have anything to say, then why not share some effective article that you read with your readers. You are sending your readers to some other website, but in doing so you are not going to miss out the people that follow you. Instead, they are going to thank you for recommending an informatory article.

If you don’t have any opinion to share on your Facebook pages, then you should search for some expensive content on other sites and update it on your page.

Usage Images and Memes:

If you genuinely want to increase Facebook likes along with increasing the user engagement, then consider using topical images in your posts.


An update bearing a photo can get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 83% more click- throughs. If you are going to use the images, then don’t just use any image – obviously no usual stock photos. You should use photos based on the theme of your Facebook page.

If you share updates on how to do things, then posting a collage mentioning the steps will get the greatest results while, on some pages, hand-drawn cartoon and comics attract more likes.

hand sketch

Wrapping Up:

These were all the tricks and ways that you can use to increase Facebook likes on your pages. If I missed any individual strategy, then don’t forget to share it with us.

I hope that you liked the article, so go and try out these process to increase the likes on your Facebook page and come back here to share your felling with us.

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